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We can produce a large variety of decals, from inexpensive “bumper stickers” to high quality, long lasting decals even with metallic ink (yes, we can reproduce any shade of metallic colour on a decal!).
printed stickers
The most economical type of decal: it can be printed on short (up to 18 months life expectancy) or long term vinyl (up to 7 years) with full colour, in standard or high definition (up to 1440 dpi – HD photo quality). We can provide them individually cut or in sheet or roll form for extra saving.
digi-cut stickers
These decals are cut out of solid colour vinyl, which can be over-layed in multiple colours if required. Being the vinyl solid, the pigment is embedded in the material making them virtually “scratchproof” (meaning the colour will not scratch, not the vinyl itself!). They are extremely effective as they don’t have any “background”.